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Wednesday, August 06, 2003



Hello from Boston Review!

We thought you would be interested in reading a new article by William Hogeland published in Boston Review, entitled "Constitutional Conventions: Public History should make us think". This piece focuses on questions of consensus history and the democratic purpose of the Constitution, and connects them to the more recent speech delivered by Barack Obama at the Constitution Center on race. Hogeland writes that "Obama's 'A More Perfect Union' having laid strong claim to the consensus, made . . . trenchant and challenging points about the harrowing effects of slavery in America" but points out that "Obama's challenge, too, rests on unshakable faith in a fundamentally American Ethos of democracy supposedly at work, albeit imperfectly, in the signing".

You can read the entire article here:
You c

Thanks so much for your time, and we hope you enjoy this piece.


Lindsay Coleman
Editorial Assistant
Boston Review
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Somerville MA 02143
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