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Friday, September 08, 2006



I come from a bilingual country, with two different colonial past (Britanic and French). I had been to a French school all my life, but switched to an anglophone university as I grew up. The historical perspective was really different, even if the subjects studied had nothing to do with history. While I had learnt all my life that the French people from here had been defeated and had to fight for the survival of their language and culture, the anglophones saw the history as a victory and a renforcement of their strenght. Strangely, the gap between those two cultures seems there to last. Interesting note!

maria lafayette

It was good to find your writting today. I like very much to read what you post here and I find very meaningful what you say about "doing" history. Charles Tilly sais somewhere that the main purpose of history is about reconstitution and connection. To him, reconstitution is the effort to reconstruct ' a round life as people lived it". I do not know how much one can reconsruct...but the second bit , connection, I can see it, as far as the author sais from where he is taking the connection. I hope I was clear in my portenglish ( portuguese and english)

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